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This is a list of selected January 21 anniversaries that appear in the "On this day" section of the Main Page. To suggest a new item, in most cases, you can be bold and edit this page. Please read the selected anniversaries guidelines before making your edit. However, if your addition might be controversial or on a day that is or will soon be on the Main Page, please post your suggestion on the talk page instead.

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Feast day of Saint Agnes (Christianity); many paragraphs without citations
; Flag Day in Quebec refimprove section
1326 – King Edward II of England issued a royal charter confirming Adam de Brome's foundation of Oriel College, Oxford. primary sources
1525 – The Anabaptist Movement was born when founders Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, and George Blaurock re-baptized each other and other followers in Zürich, Switzerland, believing that the Christian religious practice of infant baptism is invalid because a child cannot commit to a religious faith. unreferenced section
1793French Revolution: After being found guilty of treason by the National Convention, King Louis XVI was guillotined in front of a cheering crowd at the Place de la Révolution in Paris. refimprove section
1789The Power of Sympathy by William Hill Brown, widely considered to be the first American novel, was published. Too much uncited
1840 – The French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville discovered Adélie Land, Antarctica. refimprove
1893 – The Bechuanaland Protectorate (modern Botswana, then a protectorate of the United Kingdom) formally annexed the Tati Concessions Land, a portion of Matabeleland that had been conceded to the British South Africa Company. refimprove section
1912Raymond Poincaré, who would pursue hardline anti-German policies, began his first term as Prime Minister of France. refimprove section
1915 – Ensign Robert Webster Cary and Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad both earned the Medal of Honor for actions aboard the USS San Diego Cary: unreferenced section; Trinidad: short
1915 – The first Kiwanis service club was founded in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. primary sources
1931 – Sir Isaac Isaacs became the first Australian-born Governor-General of Australia. unreferenced section
1941World War II: Sparked by the murder of a German officer the previous day, members of the Iron Guard began a rebellion and pogrom in Bucharest, Romania. page numbers needed
1948 – The Flag of Quebec, featuring a white cross and four fleurs-de-lis on a blue field, was adopted and flown for the first time over the Quebec Parliament Building in Quebec City. refimprove section
1963 – Following a period of chaos in Congo-Léopoldville and United Nations intervention, the secession of Katanga came to an end. refimprove
2008 – The Eyak language in Alaska became extinct after Marie Smith Jones, the language's last native speaker, died, an event that became a symbol in the fight against language extinction. refimprove
Anna Morandi Manzolini |b|1714| Birthday not cited


January 21: World Religion Day (2024)

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich
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